Angel in Waiting

Read about the story behind the angel storm cloud photograph,
the line of sympathy poems, and the butterfly & flower photograph note cards....



Thank you for visiting my web site and welcome to the Angel in Waiting Story.

I would like to share with you the sequence of events
that led up to the Angel in Waiting product line.....
In July of 2001 after a severe thunderstorm,

I looked out my living room window and was privileged to see
 what appeared to be the profile of a childlike angel cloud image.

It was in a praying position.
 After taking a few photographs, developing the film
 and showing the photo's to a few friends, I put them aside.

Nearly 2 1/2 years later, February 2003, my father passed away from brain cancer.
He fought hard, but went to be with the Lord 9 months after his diagnosis.
 My first grandchild Madison saw my father only a few times during his illness.
There was a special bond between the two of them.

Little did I know 10 months later,
the two of them would be in each others arms again.........
Madison passed away very suddenly, December 2003.
The autopsy report read accidental choking.

My life would be forever changed......
Two very special people in my life were now gone.......
So young, so unexpected.....So empty.......
We had spent many hours together, my Dad and I, Maddie and I.
How does one move on from here...........

The following spring of 2004, I took the photographs back out again.....
I began to wonder if maybe they might help in the healing process.
 Could I do something with them to help myself and others???
Was it more than coincidental that I saw this
praying angel cloud image 2 1/2 years earlier????

I looked at the images differently now.... Things had changed.... I had changed......
I thought the cloud images at the time
of taking them would just make a neat photograph.
How could one imagine that maybe I had seen them before everything happened,
so they could help me after????

I took the photographs to a printing company back in May 2004.
We started to make the bookmark, magnet, note cards and note pads.
 I wanted to share the story with the photographs.
 It was helping me get through my grief and also reaching others
offering some sense of peace and hope.

Mid 2004, I started to write some poetry.
It started out with the 1st one being "Angel in Waiting".
I continued on to write a total of 13 inspirational poems.
The first 12 are all sympathy poems. The 13th one was special to me,
"The Blessings of Being A Grandparent".
 I had written specifically about Maddie,
but I wrote it in such a way it would apply to any future grandchildren as well.
All the poems were written in the same manner,
 they were my feelings about Maddie, but yet could be universal for anyone.  

During the time I was writing, I also started a butterfly garden.
It helps to keep my memory of Maddie growing....
 Maddie loved to chase butterflies..
She was so much fun to watch with her childlike innocence of just 3 years of age.
Chasing the butterflies in her flip flops until she couldn’t see them anymore.
Today Maddie's Butterfly Garden is about 1350 sq ft.
The garden is always full of life. 
Butterflies, caterpillars, flowers blooming, the wind blowing....
The garden offers me a sense of peace & comfort.
It's a place of God's beauty and handiwork that inspires me everyday.....
I am able to take many, many butterfly and flower photographs
for others to enjoy as well.

Maddie would make me slow down and see things that I had never noticed before.....
Things some may never see...
She would always ask "Ninie, Are you happy?"  
I miss her more than any words can ever tell......
But one day all the things of this world will not matter,
 we too will be in the arms of our loved ones again,
and then yes Maddie, I'll be happy...........  

Until then, please share my story with someone.
I want to pass on a sense of hope and comfort
with the words and photography from the Angel in Waiting Gift Line.

Thank You & God Bless             
Cindy Enger 


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